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ThatFinanceChick was made by & for the BOSS "Chick" who is BREAKING generational curses all while trying to BUILDING generational wealth. We support the chicks on their journey to wealth through empowerment, education, & asset snatching.

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Meet AttiQuewa!


Hey there! I’ve been in the financial industry for over 11 years now, but it took me going back through my own life history and starting my own business to realize how important it is to create a legacy that you are proud of and one your future generations can benefit from. 


Now I'm educating other boss women on how to start and maintain their own Wealth Building Journey!


More about me

"I love following you. You put a realness to financial literacy that a lot of others don’t. Offering real life solutions and a place to feel supported in the struggle. Some of the advice can feel like... going to the gym, it burns but the outcome is the point. For example, so many financial literacy courses will have your savings empty while you pay down your debt and make you feel crazy for trying to create a safety net while trying to reduce debt at the same time but thanks to you I not only DO pay down debt and save as well, I don’t feel like an idiot doing it, or like I can only have one or the other. I Feel like your advice is so legitimate and true to life, and you’re the only financial person I follow for it. Thanks so much. :) ."


Elon Clarke




Are you tired of getting stuck on your Wealth-Building Journey and asking yourself "what's next"? I was experiencing that too because I didn't have my goals or plans written out as my instructions.

That's why I created the Wealth Starts Here Planner. It'll serve as the place for your monthly budget, wealth plan, asset shopping list, debt eliminator & more!

Say "bye, girl!" to analysis paralysis and say hello to a well-structured Wealth Plan!


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