"One of the biggest challenges

you're going to face on this

journey is simply just getting



If you have the desire to make financial changes
and build wealth but don't know where to start,
use these simple tasks that I've given to past
clients to get over their first major hurdle.
Join The 5 Day Challenge

In the 5 Day Wealth Starter Challenge, I'll tell you:


  • What major goals to write out - "Write the vision and make it plain"  Habakkuk 2:2
  • What accounts to open for wealth building and maintaining
  • What vehicle you can use as a long term starting point in the stock market
  • How much money to set aside to make your first $1,000 from interest
  • What other assets to use to get the most bang for your bucks

Tell Me Where To Send Your Tasks

Tasks will be sent via email everyday for 5 Days



I love how straightforward it was and easy.
-Kaija P.
I loved the challenge and hope you offer it again........its a great beginner challenge as well.as a refresher for those of us already on the personal finance freedom journey.
Yes, it gave me insight and it helped with me starting my account with Stash. Also I love your info about life insurance policy, I had no clue.
Your 5 Day Wealth starter was great. It helped me get started because I had no idea on how and where to start. This gave much insight. It also gave things to look into for future references. It was very helpful. Thanks!
-Daniel L.
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