About ThatFinanceChick

Heyyy! My name is AttiQuewa (Uh-tee-kwa). I am a financial educator and a wealth Builder who helps cycle breaking women start and maintain their wealth-building journey through education and asset snatching.
I started my career in the financial industry at 16 years old working my way up from a teller to a personal banker then working in various Consumer Credit product roles. While going through my financial career at Major retail Banks, I started teaching myself how to invest and other ways to build wealth because I knew there was more than just being a consumer.  After leaving corporate America I joined a brokerage where I am now a licensed life insurance agent in multiple States and pursing my investment licenses to help individuals one on one with investing.
The reason why I decided to make my stamp in the financial industry and help other women live life on their own terms through asset accumulation is because of my mother. My mom had me when she was 19 years old and I watched her grow from making $6 an hour to making over six figures annually. I used to hear her say how important it was for her to build wealth so that she can take care of our family and future generations. Although she is still on that journey for herself, I decided to put my own spin on it, build from where she planted that seed, and start my journey while bringing other women with me. So far on my financial education Journey, I've helped over 3,000 people understand and take control of their financial life.
If I were to sum up my “About Me” explanation in one sentence, I’d say that- I’m just a woman looking to create a legacy of financial stability, impact, & freedom while helping others create theirs.